Women Of The Channel 2024: What Is One Thing Most People Do Not Know About You?

Women Of The Channel 2024: What Is One Thing Most People Do Not Know About You?

As part of CRN’s 2024 Women Of The Channel project, here are some hidden facts, talents and passions from our honorees.

Building a connection to those we work with can create increased psychological safety, the result of which is better innovation, ideation, and collaboration.

Thus, it is not a surprise that according to our latest CRN poll on Work-Life Balance in the Channel, women executives are looking for ways to connect within their organizations and across the channel at large. To help build this connection, we asked them: What is one thing most people do not know about you?

As part of CRN’s 2024 Women Of The Channel project, here’s what some of our honorees had to say.

Brittany Fugate

President, CEO

Centric Network Services

One thing most people don’t know about me is my passion for board games. Beyond just a hobby, playing board games is a way for me to unwind and challenge my strategic thinking. It’s fascinating how each game requires a unique blend of strategy, skill, and sometimes a bit of luck. This interest not only serves as a creative outlet outside of work but also subtly influences my professional life. The strategic planning, problem-solving, and team dynamics inherent in these games mirror many aspects of business strategy and leadership, providing a playful yet insightful perspective on handling complex challenges.

Sarah Griffin

Director, GTM, Programs, Global Alliances

Dell Technologies

Recently, I’ve found a new passion, tennis. Unexpectedly, tennis has become a significant part of my life on and off the court. While playing the game, I’ve found a wonderful escape from daily stresses and a place where I can recharge. Tennis not only improved my health and built a new network for me, but also helped to enhance my strategic thinking—benefits that have surprisingly translated back to my professional life. It’s helped to enhance my focus, ability to adapt, illustrate the importance of patience and has been a great reminder that dedication and hard work pays off.

Melissa Van Dover

Sr. Director, Partner Marketing


A fun fact that most people don’t know about me is that I practice Muay Thai and have been doing so for almost three years. I have set a goal for 2024 to start testing and increasing my skill level!

Andrea Vangas

Director, Global Business Transformation Programs

Juniper Networks

Most people don’t know that English is my second language. During my early childhood years, I only spoke Spanish and lived in Nicaragua.

Judy Vansell

Sr. Director, Global Alliances, Channel Chief

Rackspace Technology

In 2008, I decided that there was one goal in my life that I never obtained, and that was to graduate from college. Because I dropped out of college to pursue my career after just two years, I was only about halfway to completing my degree. My sons were in college and would graduate soon, so I decided I would beat them and enrolled at the University of Oklahoma. During the next two years, I participated in an accelerated program that enabled me to graduate in December of 2010, just five months before my son graduated.

Vicki Vaughn

Director, Cloud Services Provider Marketing

VMware by Broadcom

It has been a challenging journey as a woman and a lesbian in a high-tech career over the past 30 years. Although there is now more awareness and sensitivity to LGBTQ people, early days in Silicon Valley it was not an accepted norm in the workplace. I am so glad that has evolved and [glad] to see how companies have continued to embrace diversity. I am happy to share that I have been married to my wife for more than 25 years and that we have raised twins who are college graduates, employed and successful.

Rashmi Vikram

Global Head, Sr. Director, Global System Integration Business

Palo Alto Networks

I am a classical singer who has also practiced farming. I specialize in Indian Carnatic music and have successfully converted large barren lands into fertile ones, where I now cultivate coconut and mango trees.

Kim Vokey-Harris

Sr. Partner Account Manager

Cradlepoint, part of Ericsson

Many years ago before my IT career, I was a florist. I’ve executed hundreds of weddings over the years as a hobby and recently came out of floral retirement for one last wedding in the fall. It was extremely satisfying to create something beautiful for an incredible couple.

Jennifer Vosburgh

VP, Marketing


I love to play any Super Mario video game—old school or new school.

Kelly Walker

Sr. Partner Program Manager


I love musical theater. For 6 years, I’ve had season tickets to see touring Broadway shows, 40-plus shows I’ve been privileged to see! I’ve performed in eight community theater productions since 2018, more if not for the COVID interruption in 2020 and 2021. Last summer, I checked off a bucket list item by performing as the Narrator in our local production of J oseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I’m also enjoying exposing my daughter to the magic of musicals by taking her to shows, including local high school productions, and encouraging her to join me on stage as well.

Michelle Wang

Director, Channel Marketing


I am a proud Girl Scout troop leader! I love seeing the girls grow, fostering their relationships with each other and in their community, and keeping kindness in their hearts. I am grateful to share this experience with my daughter.

Kristine Wedum

Channel Sales Director, North Central, Canada

Pure Storage

I used to perform improv all around Chicago with various improv troupes. One highlight I will never forget was having the opportunity to do an eight-show run at the infamous Second City.

Jennifer Whaley

NA Director, Partner Enablement


Most people don’t know the battle I went through to have my son. I was diagnosed with infertility issues and the inability to create “A”-grade eggs. This led to us making the decision to “adopt” an egg from a donor which led to my beautiful son.

Sheryl Wharff

VP, Global Alliance Marketing


I am one of seven children and grew up in a small town in Onsted, Mich. It today still only has one blinking light outside of town and no traffic signals—an extremely rural small town.

Amy Whelan

National Partner Manager

Beyond Trust

I played Division 1 college basketball at Loyola University-Chicago.

Jill Wilkins

VP, Global Cloud Technology Partners


I grew up in a VERY small town and went to a small school. I raised cows and pigs for 4-H and drove combine during summer harvest. I played sports for a small high school, and we won the state basketball tournament. And I know it was because of this upbringing that I learned how to work hard, remain committed and learn teamwork.

Mary Catherine Wilson


Future Tech

Most people don’t know that I have a barn that is home to a thriving equestrian business. The trainer and barn manager, who owns the business, has many years of experience running daily equestrian operations. I’ve learned a lot in the past couple of years about how complex a ranching business is to run. I never thought I’ve ever know about horse care, mending fences, or manure management. You read that correctly.

Ola Witukiewicz

Sr. Channel Engagement Manager


Most people don’t know, but I consider myself an introvert. I love connecting and networking with the channel community. Still, after a multi-day event, I often crave solitude and silence to recharge by attending hot yoga daily and enjoying everything the outdoors offers. This duality of thriving in social dynamics while requiring moments with the complete opposite allows me to dive deeper into my role when needed yet allows me the flexibility to work remotely and recharge as needed. I am genuinely grateful that ScalePad puts its people first and allows its Rocketeers to thrive in their environments.

Deborah Wong

Director, Partner Software, Services Sales


I am a co-founder of @TickTockBelles, a shared Instagram platform dedicated to horology and timepiece appreciation created by women for women. Horology is traditionally a male-dominated hobby. There is an increasing number of females who are keen to embark on this hobby but find it intimating. In 2023, we had captured the international brands’ interests to come knocking on our doors to help them grow within their female clientele base. We also garnered media attention and were invited by an industry watch fair as panel speakers to advocate for the female watch community.

Phanneth Wood

VP, Global Distribution Sales


Failure is what got me to where I am now. I thought I’d “grow up” to be a financial advisor. I was working in finance before the collapse of the housing market in mid-2000, which changed the trajectory of my career, leading me to a position with an IT distributor’s security division. I found that I excelled in leading strategic sales teams, optimizing sales operations and building cybersecurity vendor programs. I did not know my path would take me here, but those early setbacks allowed me to re-evaluate myself and brought me to my true career and calling in cybersecurity.

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As part of CRN’s 2024 Women Of The Channel project, here are some hidden facts, talents and passions from our honorees. Building a connection to those we work with can create increased psychological safety, the result of which is better innovation, ideation, and collaboration. Thus, it is not a surprise that according to our latest…

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