Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024: The Coolest Vendors

Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024: The Coolest Vendors

Microsoft, AWS and SnapLogic were among the standout exhibitors during Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024.

Alongside the big news Snowflake made about its own products during its annual Data Cloud Summit, plenty of tech giants and smaller vendors used the opportunity to showcase integrations with the data products vendor’s wares.

Tools for accessing and getting more insights out of user data – especially to build applications that draw on cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities – were a main focus of vendor representatives among about 15,000 attendees at Data Cloud Summit 2024, which runs through Thursday in San Francisco.

Some of Snowflake’s major product moves during the conference include making Iceberg Tables generally available, enhancements to Cortex AI and a private preview of an internal model marketplace in Snowflake Horizon.

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Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024

Some of the vendors that stood out to CRN include:

  • Microsoft
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Salesforce
  • SnapLogic
  • Matillion

The conference is occurring as Snowflake contends with a threat actor campaign targeting its users. The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has warned users to proactively look for malicious activity.

Snowflake has maintained that it has “not identified evidence suggesting this activity was caused by a vulnerability, misconfiguration or breach of Snowflake’s platform” or “identified evidence suggesting this activity was caused by compromised credentials of current or former Snowflake personnel.” The vendor believes that “threat actors have leveraged credentials previously purchased or obtained through infostealing malware.” Incident response teams from CrowdStrike and Mandiant agree with the company’s preliminary findings.

Read on for some of the exhibitors that captured CRN’s attention during Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024.


During Microsoft’s Build 2024 conference, the tech giant and Snowflake unveiled bi-directional data access between Snowflake and Microsoft’s Fabric data platform as part of an expanding partnership “over the coming months.”

Snowflake continued the news around the vendors’ partnership by including Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft’s Azure cloud offering among the announced options in the Snowflake Polaris Catalog that aims to give enterprises and Iceberg users more interoperability with different data vendors.

The Snowflake and Microsoft Fabric OneLake interoperability experience is expected to enter preview “later this year,” according to Snowflake.

The two vendors also have various integrations with their products, such as allowing users to leverage AzureML with Snowflake Snowpark to prepare data, train models and deploy models for inference or the Snowflake Connector for Microsoft Power Platform, which enabled low-code application or workflows building on Power Platform with Snowflake data.

Microsoft is a member of CRN’s 2024 Channel Chiefs. The vendor has about 400,000 partners worldwide.

Amazon Web Services

Along with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services was among the data vendors announced as part of the Snowflake Polaris Catalog.

In March, the companies revealed that they have more than 6,000 joint customers and have grown their co-selling goals fivefold since calendar year 2020. and about 84 percent of Snowflake customers run deployments on AWS.

Snowflake and the Seattle-based cloud giant have been making news this year in the lead up to Data Cloud Summit 2024. In April, Amazon Data Firehose gained a direct integration with Snowflake Snowpipe Streaming, allowing users to stream clickstream, application, and AWS service logs from multiple sources to Snowflake.

In March, the companies unveiled their intention to contribute millions of dollars to go-to-market efforts to develop industry-focused products, further integrate products, expand marketing strategies and increase sales collaborations.

That month, Snowflake Data Clean Rooms also became generally available (GA) for AWS East and West regions – plus Azure West – giving users a way to securely share data.

AWS has more than 130,000 partners worldwide, according to CRN’s 2024 Channel Chiefs.


Representatives with Qlik were on site at Summit 2024 to showcase how the company’s wares can accelerate cloud analysts and automate Snowflake users’ design, implementation and updates of data models.

The King of Prussia, Pa.-based data analytics vendor also bills its Snowflake integrations as minimizing manual, error-prone design processes of data modeling, extract, transform and load (ETL) coding and scripting.

In May, Qlik was among the launch partners of Snowflake Cortex, which allows users to leverage GenAI and machine learning (ML) with data in Snowflake cloud.

Qlik has about 2,200 channel partners worldwide, according to CRN’s 2024 Channel Chiefs.


Snowflake noted Salesforce as one of its early Polaris Catalog partners, but the two vendors’ partnership goes beyond interoperability.

Snowflake is part of the San Francisco-based customer relationship management (CRM) software vendor’s Zero Copy Partner Network, unveiled in April as a global ecosystem of companies building secure, bidirectional zero copy integrations with Salesforce Data Cloud to allow users to take action that data can be actioned across the Salesforce Einstein 1 Platform.

Users of both tools can marry enterprise data and third-party data from Snowflake Marketplace with customer data from Salesforce applications to build AI tools, for example. In another joint use case, users of Salesforce-owned Tableau can bring in Snowflake Data Cloud to analyze supply chain resiliency, effects from inflation, reliability, inventory availability and other factors.

Salesforce has about 12,000 partners worldwide.

DataBee By Comcast

Last year, Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS) launched the cloud-native data fabric DataBee to give enterprises a way to quickly identify potential cybersecurity threats, with Snowflake a strategic partner in the fabric’s development.

The fabric uses Snowflake’s ability to remove data silos for advanced security analysis, decisioning, response, and security controls assurance outcomes, according to Philadelphia-based telecommunications giant Comcast.

In January, Comcast DataBee 2.0 generally available with capabilities supporting security information and event management (SIEM) optimization and security hygiene, capabilities available immediately on the Snowflake Data Cloud. Comcast also revealed a strategic technology partnership agreement with Snowflake rival Databricks.

Comcast Business is part of CRN’s 2024 Partner Program Guide.

Quest Software

The partnership between Quest Software and Snowflake includes Snowflake support by Quest’s Foglight Cloud diagnostic and performance monitoring offering for databases, servers, virtual machines, containers and cloud services.

Users can even leverage Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based Quest’s tools to leave Oracle data warehouses for Snowflake, with the ability to reduce costs, risks and timelines, according to Quest.

Quest’s SharePlex tool can create real-time data pipelines from Oracle and PostgreSQL workloads to the Snowflake Data Cloud. And Quest’s Toad Data Point tool can simplify data access, preparation and provisioning in Snowflake.

Quest has about 1,000 channel partners worldwide, according to CRN’s 2024 Channel Chiefs.


Securonix and Snowflake – a past investor in Securonix – have a split architecture offering that enables users to use Securonix analytics on top of the Snowflake Data Cloud Platforms so that data can stay within Snowflake implementation while leveraging the Securonix Unified Defense SIEM for security visibility, analytics and intelligence-based incident response.

The Addison, Texas cybersecurity vendor is fresh off research firm Gartner calling it a leader for the fifth time in a row in the Magic Quadrant for SIEM and the announcement of its EON suite of AI capabilities for cyber defense.

Securonix has about 200 channel partners worldwide with about 92 percent of overall sales coming through indirect channel and alliance relationships, according to CRN’s 2024 Channel Chiefs.


During Data Cloud Summit, SnapLogic unveiled new connectivity and support for Snowflake vector data types, Snowflake Cortex and Streamlit.

The San Mateo, Calif.-based unified data platform vendor positions the new support as a way to help companies modernize businesses and accelerate generative AI application creation, according to SnapLogic. Users can integrate business critical information into Snowflake’s cloud-based data warehouse to build and deploy large language model (LLM) apps at scale in hours.

In the lead up to Data Cloud Summit, SnapLogic revealed a preview for leveraging its pipelines to create and manipulate the Iceberg tables via the Snowflake Snap Pack – which reads, writes and deletes data in Snowflake.

Snaplogic has about 250 channel partners worldwide, according to CRN’s 2024 Channel Chiefs.


In March, IBM’s updated version of gained new connectors to Snowflake, Elasticsearch and more and gained the ability to work with new data types, with binary large object (BLOB) and character large object (CLOB) availability for Snowflake, MySQL and more.

The Armonk, N.Y.-based tech giant’s work with Snowflake includes an integration with IBM’s QRadar DSM for collecting events from a Snowflake database. IBM is expected to sell QRadar to Palo Alto Networks by September.

IBM’s Databand observability software also integrates with Snowflake for data at rest monitoring, according to IBM. Databand achieved Snowflake Ready Technology Validation in March.

IBM is a member of CRN’s 2024 Channel Chiefs and has thousands of partners.


Matillion’s “AI data playground” – including a ball pit and swing set – at Data Cloud Summit 2024 was among the more ambitious exhibits during the conference, and the vendor’s work with Snowflake goes beyond such spectacles.

The Denver-based data productivity cloud provider positions its wares as helping users get more out of Snowflake AI features with faster and simpler pipelines, according to Matillion.

The Matillion cloud has native pushdown architecture for loading data in minutes, with pre-built data connectors and the ability to build other connectors for any data source, with LLM components to operationalize unstructured data.

Matillion has a partner program for consultancies, with partners including CRN 2024 Solution Provider 500 members AllCloud, Trace3 and Slalom, according to the vendor.

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Microsoft, AWS and SnapLogic were among the standout exhibitors during Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024. Alongside the big news Snowflake made about its own products during its annual Data Cloud Summit, plenty of tech giants and smaller vendors used the opportunity to showcase integrations with the data products vendor’s wares. Tools for accessing and getting…

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