The 10 Hottest DevOps Startups Of 2024 (So Far)

The 10 Hottest DevOps Startups Of 2024 (So Far)

BettrData, Baseten and StepSecurity are among the 10 hottest DevOps startup companies this year so far.

A data operations workflow automation platform. An artificial intelligence model management application programming interface. And a way to gain more security around continuous integration, continuous deployment pipelines.

BettrData, Baseten and StepSecurity are among the vendors to make CRN’s 10 Hottest DevOps Startups Of 2024 (So Far) list for technology that furthers development operations practices in the era of generative AI and amid unprecedented volumes of cybersecurity attacks.

These companies impressed CRN with the promises of their offerings and the war chests of venture capital they have amassed in 2024. This list only considered startups founded within the past five years and based in the United States.

While Harness locked in a staggering $150 million in financing in May, for example, the vendor was founded in 2017.

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DevOps Startups 2024

CRN used data from Crunchbase to drill down on some of 2024’s early standout DevOps startups. The companies listed also show how innovation in DevOps and software delivery don’t exclusively happen with the largest tech giants.

Other articles in CRN’s 2024 (So Far) series look at the 10 most well-funded AI startups, the 10 hottest data science and machine learning tools and Amazon Web Services’ 10 hottest new products and tools.

Read on for more of the DevOps startups turning heads so far in 2024.


HQ: Golden, Colo.

CEO: Aaron Dix

BettrData offers a data operations workflow automation platform that promises to streamline data operations management and processes for better speed, efficiency and compliance.

The Golden, Colo.-based startup’s platform has resonated with investors, with the startup revealing in April that it landed $2.2 million seed round of funding with participation from Range Ventures, SaaS Ventures and Greater Colorado Venture Fund, according to BettrData.

BettrData’s low-code, no-code tools and services can help developers transform data and enrich it, syncing data in real time and meeting various security standards including Service Organization Control Type 2 (SOC 2) and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

CEO Aaron Dix founded BettrData in 2020, according to his LinkedIn account. His resume includes about three years with Gloo, a software platform for churches, leaving in 2022 as data engineering director.


HQ: New York

CEO: Jorge Gómez Sancha

In June, Tinybird raised a $30 million Series B funding round to improve its brand of real-time data analytics platform. Balderton Capital, CRV, Singular and Crane participated in the round.

The New York-based startup positions its platform as a way to unify streams, files, tables and more without custom scripts or additional tooling, with a developer experience meant for building data products faster with SQL and Git.

Developers can build multi-tenant web applications that query Tinybird application programming interfaces (APIs) directly from the browser and Tinybird Charts for building in-product dashboards and visualizations.

CEO Jorge Gómez Sancha co-founded Tinybird in 2019. His resume includes more than two years with location intelligence company Carto. He left with the title of chief development officer.


HQ: New York

CEO: Martin Mao

Chronosphere started the year with a $115 million Series C funding round and has gone on to continue iterating on its platform for data observability, developers and DevOps.

Recent advancements from the New York-based startup include a public API for Trace Datasets, allowing users to create, read, update and delete (CRUD) datasets programmatically, according to Chronosphere.

Users also gained access to an automatic aggregation feature for delta counters, dual Y-axis support in dashboards and a telemetry pipeline for log management processes.

CEO Martin Mao Mao co-founded Chronosphere in 2019. He previously worked at Uber for about four years, leaving with the title of engineering manager, according to his LinkedIn account.

Chronosphere also has a channel partner program with pricing incentives, marketing incentives and more.


HQ: San Jose, Calif.

CEO: Abhishek Saxena

UnSkript aims to be a sidekick for platform and DevOps teams, guiding them through repetitive problems and spotting issues coming from known patterns.

In January, the startup’s technology helped it land $3.7 million. UnSkript says that its technology uses generative AI and adaptive health checks to diagnose and fix Kubernetes cluster issues.

CEO Abhishek Saxena co-founded UnSkript in 2021, according to his LinkedIn account. He co-founded Orkus and served as the AI-based identity and access management (IAM) tool’s chief technology officer until its sale to SailPoint.

He also worked at Cisco on and off for about 10 years, leaving the networking giant in 2016 as director of engineering.


HQ: San Francisco

CEO: Tuhin Srivastava

Baseten’s model management API allows developers to build customized continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) tooling for AI-related projects.

Ultimately, the goal of the San Francisco-based startup is speeding up the time it takes users to scale AI inference in production, promising model throughput of up to 1,500 tokens per second and faster time to first token. Baseten is also the company behind Truss, an open source framework for writing model server code in Python.

In March, Baseten raised a $40 million Series B round of funding, with participation from IVP, Spark, Greylock, South Park Commons, Lachy Groom and Base Case.

CEO Tuhin Srivastava co-founded Baseten in 2019, according to his LinkedIn account.


HQ: San Francisco

CEO: Artyom Keydunov

A code-first, developer-oriented approach to data is part the selling point of Cube, a startup whose tools can help with CI/CD, isolated environments, version control and code reviews in data management.

In June, Cube raised $25 million in a round of funding, with participation from Databricks Ventures, Decibel, Bain Capital Ventures, Eniac Ventures and 645 Ventures.

Since announcing the new capital, Cube has introduced integration with the Klipfolio PowerMetrics metrics platform and previews for a semantic catalog and an AI assistance for natural language querying.

With this new funding, Cube has promised more advancements in data modeling, low-code tools, interoperability, performance and AI-enabled data intelligence.

Cube also has a partner program for consultancies and other partner model types.

Better Stack

HQ: San Francisco

CEO: Juraj Masar

Incident management, incident silencing and log management are just some of the capabilities promised by Better Stack.

The San Francisco-based startup says its tools help developers visualize entire stacks, aggregate logs into structured data and query everything like a single database with SQL.

In January, Better Stack landed a $10 million round of funding, with participation from Kaya, Box CEO Aaron Levie and former UiPath Managing Director Kulpreet Singh.

CEO Juraj Masar co-founded Better Stack in 2021, according to his LinkedIn account. His resume includes working at for more than three years, leaving in 2017 with the title of vice president of engineering.

Loft Labs

HQ: San Francisco

CEO: Lukas Gentele

Its vCluster virtual Kubernetes clusters and DevPod environment creation and management tool help Loft Labs separate itself from the noisy world of developer tools while promising faster, more cost-efficient resources.

In April, Loft Labs raised a $24 million Series A round of funding, which was led by Khosla Ventures, according to the startup. At the same time, the startup pushed out the beta for a new vCluster release with a new command line interface (CLI), a default backing store meant for small instances and a consolidated Helm chart.


In May, the startup updated DevPod with an improved user interface (UI), the ability to bulk stop and delete workspaces and better sorting, among other advancements.

CEO Lukas Gentele co-founded Loft Labs in 2020, according to his LinkedIn account. He previously co-founded and led as CEO a Kubernetes and cloud computing consulting firm called Covexo.


HQ: New York

CEO: Lior Levy

AI-driven detections for material code changes, an application security posture management (ASPM) marketplace and the acquisition of a static application security testing (SAST) tool provider are just some of the ways Cycode has been taking the DevOps security market by storm.

The New York-based startup aims to give developers a complete ASPM offering that integrates and replaces testing tools and provides vulnerability visibility and remediation.

The AI-driven material code change detection capability flags new features, architectural changes and other actions with detailed, contextual explanations, including security implications.

The marketplace offers connectors and integrations to complement user security workflows.

And with the completed purchase of Bearer, Cycode’s platform should gain more advancements in data leak protection and API discovery.

CEO Lior Levy co-founded Cycode in 2019, according to his LinkedIn account. His resume includes more than a year with Symantec, leaving the company with the title of security architect. He also served as a senior software developer for the Israel Defense Force (IDF).

Cycode offers a partner program for a variety of partner types, with partners including CRN 2024 Solution Provider 500 members Optiv and Evotek.


HQ: Seattle

CEO: Varun Sharma

Inspired by the lack of security in CI/CD pipelines discovered after the SolarWinds and Codecov breaches, StepSecurity promises users a platform for better security when leveraging GitHub Actions.

The startup has ways to implement network egress control, discover risks and misconfigurations, replace actions without forking and enable automated pull requests, according to StepSecurity.

To continue its work, in May, StepSecurity secured a $3 million seed round of funding. Round participants included Runtime Ventures, Inner Loop Capital, SaaS Ventures, DeVC, Skyhigh Security co-founder and former Chief Scientist Sekhar Sarukkai, Alteryx Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Lucas Moody and Zscaler Chief Security Officer Deepen Desai.

In June, StepSecurity revealed that its Harden-Runner supply chain attack prevention offering has more than 3,500 repositories on GitHub, gaining about 500 in less than two months.

CEO Varun Sharma founded the startup in 2021, according to his LinkedIn account. He previously worked at Microsoft for more than 14 years, leaving with the title of principal security software engineering manager.

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BettrData, Baseten and StepSecurity are among the 10 hottest DevOps startup companies this year so far. A data operations workflow automation platform. An artificial intelligence model management application programming interface. And a way to gain more security around continuous integration, continuous deployment pipelines. BettrData, Baseten and StepSecurity are among the vendors to make CRN’s 10…

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